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man_of_stee_ll's Journal

Lex Luthor
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(credit: Mind_over_muscle: The Luthor fanlisting)

"I know what you're thinking. What can Lex Luthor of all people say to me? And is it true what I'm hearing? This is being broadcast around the world, in every city, to every race, in every language. We know you're wondering where the Justice League of America is right now, and so are we. I believe that their inaction is as criminal as those felonies that we went to prison for. Preserving the world and not daring to change it means keeping food from the hungry, keeping the crippled in wheelchairs. Bowing to the status quo of human suffering.

And still they call US the villains.

Let me begin right now by saying that we will not apologize for what we did in the past. We will not ask anyone to forgive our crimes. But someone had to stand up to the so-called standards of virtue. Sure the Justice League may save us all from a giant alien starfish in the middle of the ocean from time to time. But they save us only to send us back to our old lives. Back to our bills, back to our useless jobs, back to our suffering. If they were really the heroes they claim to be, they'd save us from those same lives as well.

They're monsters, really, to have allowed things to go on the way they have. What can Superman say to the starving? That things will get better if the poor work a little harder? Please, let it not be that. Let us not be chastised with bootstrap arguments. Let us not be rebuked by social naivete.

We're not going to apologize for what we've done. We are now using our powers and abilities to do the thing no one else ever has.

We're going to change the world." Justice #4 (2006) DC Comics

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