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In Lex's office. - Lex Luthor
In Lex's office.
Lex Luthor puts his hands beneath his chin on the desk. "....Last I checked...you. Meaning...YOU. Were in charge of my company. While I was incapable of doing my duties. And now...what?" He rubs his forehead.

Talia Al-Ghul raises a finely sculpted eyebrow. "You... meaning you? Have you been reduced to speaking in riddles?" She muses. "What now... things have changed, haven't they?"

He speaks without missing a beat. "Meaning, this gibbering, shell of a woman who's gone through at least four seizures since she's sat down. Trust me, I know the signs. The Talia Head...that I put in charge of my board is not you. WHAT...is going on?"

A twitch of the face, a blink, almost confusion? "I... ...am unsure." She puts a hand to her head, tries to think. Black outs, voices... nothing makes sense. "I am not used to being unsure."

"That doesn't work for me. I'm not used to taking a beating in a bull market." Luthor flings a folder at her showing the last quarter results for Lexcorp. "I may not be in charge of the company that I built with my own bare hands...But I'll see you in Hell befo...okay, bad point. I'll see you DEAD before I have my company stay the bleeding albatross that is is now. Do you wish...to be examined?"

Talia flips through the results, no, these are not good. "If you feel you have misplaced your faith in me" She tosses the folder back. "Then do what you must. Events have caused a divide in my attention and it seems the business plan has suffered." Under normal circumstances, this would NOT have happened.

"I cannot risk any more divides. Nor a loss in attention. I'm sorry Talia...I truly am."

"It is unlike you to be 'sorry,' isn't it? There is something... off, that has been off for awhile."

"In any other times, this wouldn't even be an option. You'll forgive me later for this, I hope." -He turns his back to her, pressing a button on his desk that locks her wrists and ankles in the chair-

She looks down, more bemused than shocked.* And what option would this be?

"Well, that's a matter of doctor/patient confidentiality...." -watches as a side door opens and Dr. Psycho appears, wearing a Tommy Bahama silk shirt, and cargo shorts, carrying a powerdrill and a banana daquari in hand- "Doctor?"

Talia's eyes open wide, and NOW there's a struggle. "I will NOT allow this outrage!"

Dr. Psycho: "Even better! I was thinking that this consult was gonna be boring! Honeybuns, ever heard of "Custer's Revenge"? Now...let me see your war face...Aaaaah...." -plugs in the powerdrill and moves closer to her-

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